Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the Crowdfunding Opportunity

    • Message from your Instructor, Kathleen Minogue

    • Before we begin... (quick survey)

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    The Crowdfunding Opportunity Course

    • What is Crowdfunding?

    • How Does Crowdfunding Work?

    • Network Reflection Worksheet (Fillable PDF)

    • What Can You Crowdfund?

    • The Crowdfunding Cheat Sheet

    • How is Crowdfunding Different from Traditional Funding?

    • Non-Financial Value Worksheet (Fillable PDF)

    • Are You Ready to Crowdfund?

    • Crowdfunding Self-Assessment Worksheet (Fillable PDF)

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    Crowdfunding Resources and Further Reading

    • Ways Crowdfund Better Can Help

    • Helpful Links & Crowdfunding Blogs for Further Reading